Цель: активизация и закрепление в речи лексических, фонологических и грамматических ЗУН


практическая – активизировать знания, умения и навыки учащихся;

образовательная – развить филологический кругозор;

воспитательная – создать возможность для проявления индивидуальных творческих способностей детей.

Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls, teachers! I’m very glad to see you!

Today we are going to take tart part in the ABC Party. Now I want to see if all the letters of the alphabet are here. (На столах лежат буквы)

Letter Aa

A is for apples and Apples – trees.
You can see apples and Apples – trees.

Letter Bb

B is for Books and for Bookcase.
I have many Books in my Bookcase

Letter Cc

C is for Cat. My Cat is grey.
And with me it likes to play.

Letter Dd

D is for Dog and for Doggy.
I have a Dog, not a Doggy.

Letter Ee

E is for Eight and for Eleven.
How mush is eight and Eleven.

Letter Ff

Ff is for Flowers: red and blue.
White and yellow and rosy, too.

Letter Gg

G is for girl and also for Garden.
I see a girl going to the Garden.

Letter Hh

H is for Hand. I have two hands.
This is the way I clap my hands.

Letter Ii

I is for I. I’m a boy and I’m ten.
I like to play with my brother Ben.

Letter Jj

J is for Jam. This is an apple jam.
Jimmy likes it, and so does Sam.

Letter Kk

K is for Kite. Kate is a kite.
It is little and it is white.

Letter Ll

L is for Letter. This letter is for me.
It is from my sister, as you can see.

Letter Mm

M is for May and for May Day,
For March and for Mather’s Day.

Letter Nn

N is for Nine, Ninety and Ninety-nine.
Children, how much is ninety and nine?

Letter Oo

O is for One. One and two is three.
Three little cats are in a tree.

Letter Pp

P is for Pencils. With them I can draw:
A red Pen, a green tree or a blue door.

Letter Qq

Q is for Questions: How are you?
How old are you? And how do you do?

Letter Rr

R is for Red. Many things are red.
What can be red? Do you know Fred.

Letter Ss

S is for Street. This is my secret.
There are a lot of trees in my street.

Letter Tt

T is for Tick and for Tock.
“Tick – Tock”, says the clock.

Letter Uu

U is for under, but not for at.
“I’m under the tree”, says Pat.

Letter Vv

V is for Five and also is Seven.
It is in Twelve and in Eleven.

Letter Ww

W is for Winter when it is cold.
But I like Winter and I like cold.

Letter Xx

X is for six. Let’s count up to six!
One, two, three, four, five, six.

Letter Yy

Y is for Yard where children play.
They play in the yard every day.

Letter Zz

Z is for Zoo. Let’s go to the Zoo.
I like to go to the Zoo. And you?

Teacher: Thank you Letters.

The 1st team – The Red Rose. The 2d team – The Black Cat.

Teacher: Today at our party we have two teams “The Black Cat”, and “The Red Rose”. Your applause, please. And now let me introduce our jury. They are our English teachers.

Первое задание. Дается 5 карточек с буквами. Их надо расположить в алфавитном порядке, назвать буквы. Мах - 5 очков

Второе задание. В течении нескольких секунд демонстрируется алфавит с тремя пропущенными буквами (J, V, X). Выигрывает та команда, ребята которой быстрее нашли недостающие буквы. Мах - 5 очков

Третье задание. На доске длинное слово (mathematics). Ученики каждой команды составляют (за 1 минуту) слова из букв этого слова. Мах -5 очков

Четвертое задание. Из каждой команды вызываются по 3 ученика, которым поочередно учитель показывает карточку, на которой написано слово, говорит: “Spell the word, please!” Если ученик правильно назвал слово по буквам, его команда получает 5 очко (1слово – 5 очков)

Teacher: Well done. You know how to spell. But can you read? We’ll see it in a moment

Пятое задание. Из каждой команды вызываются 3 ученика. На парте лежат незнакомые для учащихся слова на пройденные правила чтения. Первый ученик подходит к парте и говорит:

Tick-tack-toe, Here I go. If I don’t miss, I’ll take this.

После этого, он указывает на какое – либо слово и читает его.

Шестое задание. Riddles - Загадки:

I have a bushy tail,
Sometimes I’m grey and
Sometimes I’m red
I like nuts
What am I? (A squirrel)

Long – ears, long – ears,
Hop, hop, hop!
Long – ears, long – ears,
Never stop.
They like carrots,
They like hay.
They grow longer
From day to day. (A rabbit)

I am in the farm – yard,
Cluck, cluck, cluck,
I lay eggs, but I am not
A duck, duck, duck. (A hen)

It doesn’t speak
Nor does it sing
Or at the door – bell
Give a ring,
But still it lets
Its master know
Someone wants to see him. (A dog)

There is an animal that
Has a beautiful yellow skin
With black stripes on it.
It is a very fierce wild animal.
It lives mostly in hot countries. (A tiger)

I’m red and I have a fine
Busty tail, I like meat. (A fox)

A very funny animal
Which moves very quickly.
It can hang its tail. (A monkey)


“Clap your hands”.

Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap your hands together. }2 times

Stamp, stamp, stamp your hands
Stamp your hands together}2 times

Touch touch touch your ears
Touch touch your ears together}2 times

Touch touch touch your cheeks
Touch touch your cheeks together}2 times

Shake shake shake your hands
Shake your hands together}2 times

Smile smile at your friends
Let us smile together}2 times

Седьмое задание. Седьмое задание.

Назовите предметы определенного цвета.

What is white? What is blue? What is green? What is yellow? What is red?


Pupils: (возможные ответы)

Milk is white. Show me is white. An egg is white. Sugar is white...

A chicken, a banana, the sun is yellow...
A frog, a water – melon, a cucumber, ...
A plum, a bluebottle, the sky, ...
A flag, a tomato, a carrot is red,...

Teacher: Well done. Thank you very much. You can count well. Now I want to see which of you knows the names of the colours best of all.

Карточки "Colours" (цвет и название на английском)

Teacher: That’s nice. Now let’s us see which team knows more rhymes.

Восьмое задание. Учащиеся из каждой команды поочередно рассказывают наизусть рифмовки.

Our pussy – cat
Has a good small flat
It has no door
But a brown floor
The walls are white,
All the flat is bright.

Humpty – Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty – Dumpty had a great fall,
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
Winter is white.

I have two eyes and I can see
I have two ears and I can hear
I have a two mouth and I can talk
I have two legs and I can walk.

Teacher: I see you know some rhymes.

Девятое задание.

Now can you sing any songs? I think, you can. So boys and girls, listen to the songs:

Teacher: You know the ABC, can count well, know the colours, can sing and recite rhymes.

Все участники праздника, обращаясь к гостям, говорят хором заключительные слова.

Children: (All together)

We can read, we can write. We can speak English, too.

We love learning English! And what about you?

Teacher: Dear boys and girls! My congratulations on the first English Party. Here are the certificates and presents for you!

Dear jury and guests! Thank you for coming and talking an active part in our party.

Good – bye. See you soon.


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